One Drive is a nightmare I used it once and now everytime I open my browser it downloads a failed file notice!!!! RRS feed

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  • I went to someone's One Drive to download some files. There were a lot of them and it was a nightmare doing that since the files are not alphabetized either. Now I am getting the legacy leftovers from this experiment each time I open my browser it will download another failed attempt from downloading over two days ago! How do to I stop this? Must I close my live.com account? I tried to figure it out but there really is nothing that indicates what to do. The person I downloaded it from thought that I needed to get her permission to download and send her my email address for access but all I had to do is open my live.com account and click her link and I was able to download. I am sick of being a software ginnea pig and I never signed up for all these other programs. Must I close my live account to avoid all the problems associated with the other services you are offering? No way to opt out? I would NEVER do One Drive again. I had to literally open each folder to download with a proper name file. If I choose to just right click and download I would get the same generic file name over and over again. Also what happened is when I put several files to download and right clicked only they would package them up in one folder with generic file name and kept downloading them over and over again, what a nightmare!!! Why would you offer a right click function and not allow the correct file name to follow it? That is just insane. Can someone turn off my One Drive download spigot ?
    Thursday, May 8, 2014 3:17 PM