FTP to webserver and now I get Application Error RRS feed

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  • User393346812 posted
    After I uploaded the club starter site to my web server (godaddy) I get ....

    Application Error

    An error has occured in the application.

    Now, I am a bit new at this. I did find on godaddy.com's FAQ that I had to change my web.config file so that the server would be able to find my databases. I tried but stil having much trouble.  Can anyone help me with this. I know that you will need more info than what I have provided but maybe someone else has done this and can steer me in the right direction.


    Thank inadvance for your comments

    Wednesday, March 1, 2006 8:18 PM

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  • User2069888697 posted

    Need more info.

    Is it a shared hosting plan? post complete error.(if is says to set customerrorse mode to off do that first)

    <customErrors mode="off" />

    There are a to many causes for an application error to answer with the info given.  I have set up the Club starter kit on several hosting sites including Godady.

    Thursday, March 2, 2006 8:01 AM
  • User2069888697 posted

    I noticed I was corrected on another posting

    <customErrors mode="off" />

    Should be

    <customErrors mode="Off" />

    as it is case sensitve, sorry if this caused any delay in solving your issue.

    Friday, March 3, 2006 9:01 AM
  • User1197483739 posted

    Saw that you had used GoDaddy to setup the Club starter kit. I've attempted twice now to upload both my customized page, and just the unaltered version of the Club kit to GoDaddy's server.  Each time, my page takes forever to load, and eventually loads the ErrorPage.htm with the following link showing in the NAV bar:  http://www.sofoa.com/ErrorPage.htm?aspxerrorpath=/Default.aspx

    I went through the GoDaddy's help center (http://help.godaddy.com/article.php?article_id=688&topic_id=216&&) and attempted to perform what they describe in that topic, but with no outcome other than after going through what they recoommended in their help file, my page seemed to load faster, but still went to the ErrorPage.htm.

    I am on a shared service, and I uploaded the FTP files to the root of my shared directory.  Is there anyway possible you can assist me in what I'm doing wrong?  I have a decent knowledge of HTTP, but as far as ASP.NET is concerned, I'm pretty much learning as I go.

    Thanks... any help is greatly appreciated.

    Friday, March 3, 2006 1:59 PM
  • User1197483739 posted

    I posted an update over on the other Topic labeled GoDaddy.  I turned the customer error setting to Off, and posted what I'm seeing over there.


    Friday, March 3, 2006 2:19 PM
  • User317024716 posted

    I try to go to your GoDaddy post, but everytime, IE closes.  It is weird.

    Anyway, just wondering if you ever got this solved?  I'm having the same issue and would love your help. Thanks!


    Saturday, May 27, 2006 2:32 PM