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    I am trying to localize the Search Center in MOSS Publishing Portal.
    I have created Variations for English and Italian, where in English is Source Variation and Italian is Target variation.


    In our case the search is configured using BDC. BDC is using web services to pull the data from database.

    Search results should be displayed in the localized content. We have the translated values available with us in a database. How to localize the search results? Do we need to write a custom Search Results webpart and translate the content after returned from the Search Index engine and before rendering to the browser.

    As the data is coming from the search index files, how can we tweak the results to get the localized values.


    For eg: BDC is configured for an Entity "Customer", Search results is showing Customer Name , address, preferences.

    We want to show the address in localized language. Is there any way to achieve this ?


    Is there any other way to do this?



    How does the localization can be achived in MOSS.

    How to localize the static content on the pages from source site to target.


    Thanks for any valuable input.



    Wednesday, October 10, 2007 9:08 AM