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    I am developing a column chart that groups by a location. Within that location I can have many types of tickets issued. The tickets issued can have 2 severity levels:misdemeanor or not misdemeanor.  The user can decide which tickets they want to show ( parking tickets for example). 

    I have location as category, and data values are  the 2 severity levels. Then the series I added the ticket types the user wants to see.

    My chart is showing the correct bars for each location, but the bars are showing all different colors for each location and the legend displays the ticket issued + the severity level like this:"Parking ticket - not misdemeanor", for example. 

    How do I show only one ticket in the legend : "Parking - non misdemeanor" and "Parking - misdemeanor" instead of displaying several of these for each column I have?

    How do I get each column to have the color of each of the severity levels?  For example, misdemeanors should be one color and non-misdemeanors another.

    My data looks like this:

    location       ticket                type (count )

    city              parking             non-misdemeanor 

    city              parking             misdemeanor

    city             moving violation non-misdemeanor

    res-a1         parking              misdemeanor

    res-a1         parking              misdemeanor

    res-a2         moving violation non-misdemeanor

    I tried hiding duplicate values in the legend properties of the series tab, but this does not do anything.  


    Monday, April 4, 2016 3:52 PM