Question regarding Remote Desktop Connection Broker client API RRS feed

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  • Remote Desktop Connection Broker client API is made available in Windows 2012. By reading through the document (, it is unclear where the caller to the APIs should be running. The document says "The Remote Desktop Connection Broker client API allows third party protocol vendors to leverage the Connection Broker to expedite the handling of connections that use their protocol to connect to virtual machines or Remote Desktop servers in a farm." Does it mean the main purpose of the API is to allow brokering 3rd party, non-RDP protocol connections to sessions in a RDHS farm?

    My understanding is I need to implement a listener service running on the Remote Desktop broker server itself. I probably need to define a custom protocol with my client and have it connecting to my service first. When such a connection request comes in, which should include all the info I need to fill out CB_CONNECTION_INFO  (essentially, the user name, domain name, farm name to connect to, etc), follow the steps outlined in the document above, and query the CB_TARGET_INFO when everything is done. The structure should include the server IP addresses I should ask my client to route connections to, using a non-RDP remoting protocol.

    Is my understanding correct? Note CB_CONNECTION_INFO does not include a password field. Does it mean RDHS Broker trusts whoever that is calling the API? If that's the case, I suppose my service should complete the authentication when the connection comes in first, right?

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 5:45 AM