Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory problem with Master, Nested Master and Web page RRS feed

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    I have seen several solutions to "

    Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory."

    that does not address my problem. I am working on a Virtual Shops Project for a Cooperative Society. The objective is to allow user logon and place and an order.  I will illustrate my problem as below.

    I have A website called "Virtual Shops". Within the site, I created

    1. A Master Page Called "MainMenu.

    2. A Nested Master Page Called 'SubMenu" with its Master Page as "MainMenu"

    3. A Webpage Called "ProductSetup.aspx" having "SubMenu" as the MasterPage and

    4. A Folder called "Report"

    Within the Report Folder I have

    1. A webpage called "ProductsQuote.aspx" having "SubMenu" as the MasterPage

    If I run ProductSetup.aspx it runs successfully without any problem. But if I run ProductQuotes.aspx it give the error above.

    I plan to use several Folders to sctructure my web pages according to Task Group and all relying on the "SubMenu" as their individual MasterPage. More so, i dont have problem running any page in the same level with the "SubMenu". I only experience this problem with pages within the Report Folder. If I reacreate the ProductsQuote.aspx page within the same level as the the SubMenu it works effectively.

    Is anything the problem with my structure or is anything am missing out?

    I await a direct and precise answer.


    Thursday, January 31, 2013 8:21 AM

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