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  • Hi,Experts:

    I have an ADP project to batch create PDF from a report, The code is like below:

    for i=0 to N(N>1500)

    docmd.openreport myReportName,acViewPreview, , , acHidden, myOpenargs

    docmd.outputto acOutputReport, myReportName, acFormatPDF, strDirectoryPath, False, "", 0, acExportQualityPrint

    docmd.close acReport,myReportName


    for the first 80 to 100 copies of outputted PDF files, they can display Chinese characters well, but when the program loops more then 100 times, the outputed PDF can't display any Chinese characters,only numbers and English letters can be displayed. at this time, if you stop the batch run of outputting PDF and display the report in preview model in Access, it can't display any Chinese characters either, furthermore, the system menu item like Close can't  displayed correct Chinese character(just leave blank on the position) but its functionality is OK.

    My software environment:Windows XP(Chinese version) + SP3,Office 2007+SP2(Chinese version)

    The font used on my reports is Simsong(宋体)

    could anyone give me some directions of solution.

    Many thanks.

    Rone TAN

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:24 AM