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  • Hi All,

    I come from a SharePoint background and currently i am working on a .net project.Before i start the coding, i would want to finalize on the optimum approach that i can follow for my clients requirement.Any help is much appreciated.Requirement in a nutshell is as follows.

    • Client is looking for a Internet based web application in .Net
    • Web application will mainly have : Inventory Management,Data Entry Forms/Mass upload utility, Reports generation,Invoice Generation.
    • In the above requirement Invoice generation is lil ambigious to me.Client has close to 20 different templates of Invoice.Client will open the invoice generation screen, select the criteria and based on the this selection the relavent invoice template should be picked and the values should go to respective fields in the invoice. In SharePoint i would have used templates for my document libarary and a custom document information panel to take care of this.Whats the way out in .Net?
    • The other aproach that i can think of is to generate the invoice on the fly based on the selection criteria.Is this a good idea?
    • Client doesnt want to go for a paid tool like SSRS for reporting.Whats is the other best approach?

    Any inputs or reference links would be very useful.



    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 5:24 AM


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