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  • In Windows 7, the Aero switch did not get a good response from most of the users (from what I've read in the blogs, my personal experience and from all the people I talked to). Alt+Tab is still the best way to switch between apps because it's faster and you can skip a lot of apps without switching to them. In Windows 8 you have to swipe as many times as you want to switch between apps. This gets worse when you have a few suspended apps (which is another issue for which I think this design is not good but I'm not gonna go to it in this thread). This means that if I have a version of a heavy game running and I want to switch to another app then to yet another app, I should wait a few seconds for my game to get the directx device handler for my graphic, then I'll be able to switch. Maybe sometimes a game is paused and when focused I'd loose a few points. I mean I should be forced to switch to an app when I don't mean it. When the queue is A, B, C, D and I want to switch to D from A, I shouldn't have to switch to B and C. With Aero I'd have to look at it but the switch process wouldn't actually happen (not good as Alt+Tab but fair enough) now with this design I'll have to do it.

    I'd personally prefer another design.

    Best regards.

    CPU: Core2 Due E7300 2.66GHz, RAM: 4GB DDR2, OS:Windows 7 Ultimate, OS Disk: 80GB Adata SSD, VGA: 1GB ATI , Compiler: VS 2008 Pro Sp1
    Friday, October 7, 2011 11:19 PM

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  • You still could use Alt+tab in Windows 8, by press Alt+Tab you could switch between Windows . Also, there is trick in switching that your could use switching method in Windows 8 to bring screen and instead of bring whole screen, you could bring it a bit and put it back and when you try again second windows will come up and then thrid and so on, you don't need to fully switch just move a bit to see what is it and if you don't want put back and when do again it will bring another one.

    Also Windows 8 comes with graphic accelator and will handle performance issue better.

    Saturday, October 8, 2011 10:04 AM