ODBC with SQL Server - Error 1101 & error 6.


  • Hi.

    Windows XP SP2.
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express.

    I've been trying to setup DNS for with SQL Server.
    Kept getting the error below.

    Can't seem to select any server when clicked on 'Which SQL Server do you want to connect to?'.
    Thursday, March 4, 2010 4:00 PM

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  • From your first step:
    It shows that you did not specify the server name that you want to connect to. Please specify it. If it's local, you can specify ".". (just .).

    Thursday, March 4, 2010 10:39 PM
  • Like this?

    How about this part?
    The login & password has to be similar with my installed SQL Server 2008 Express?

    Thursday, March 4, 2010 10:44 PM
  • You should type in the username/password that you have configured for the target SQL Server. If it's sqlexpress as you said, the server you are connecting to should actually be ".\sqlexpress"

    Friday, March 5, 2010 11:51 PM