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  • I am porting my existing website over from a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to Azure.  Unfortunately, the response times on all of my pages in Azure are unacceptable.  I will not be able to go live with the newly Azure-hosted site until this is resolved.

    I have pasted below 4 pairs of links.  Each pair consists of a page from my existing VPS implementation and the analogous link in the Azure implementation.  As you can see by clicking the links, my web pages return sub-second from my original site, but take upwards of 10-15 seconds for all of the Azure pages.

    Original website link (sub-second response):

    Azure version of same content (13 second response):

    Original website link (sub-second response):

    Azure version of same content (16 second response):

    Original website link (sub-second response):

    Azure version of same content (5 second response):

    Original website link (sub-second response):

    Azure version of same content (15 second response):

    A few special notes:

     - I am still using the free trial.  Does this have anything to do with the slow response time?

     - When I set up my Web App, the only location option presented in the portal was “East Asia”.  I am in the USA, so East Asia would not have been my first choice.  Nonetheless, it’s what I had to choose and it is currently not changeable in my Web App’s properties.

     - The long wait time to display my Azure-based webpages in the browser happens on every single attempt, not just the first attempt.

     - I already have “Always On” set to “On”.  Turning this on did not change the response time at all.

    Can anyone provide guidance on the slow response times?  I do not feel that diagnostic measures are the way to go, because clearly my pages are functioning optimally on the original site.  It seems to me that the Web App is holistically slow.  Does anyone with more experience than me have any ideas??

    Thank you!

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 11:09 PM

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  • Thank you.  This was helpful at least in terms of peeling back the next layer of the onion.  Here is the output I retrieved from the FREB log.  You can see the 8 second delay in waiting on a response from "FASTCGI".  The next step is to determine what that is and why there is a delay every single time a webpage is called.

    159. NOTIFY_MODULE_START ModuleName="FastCgiModule", Notification="EXECUTE_REQUEST_HANDLER", fIsPostNotification="false" 00:40:51.805
    160. FASTCGI_ASSIGN_PROCESS CommandLine="D:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.6\php-cgi.exe", IsNewProcess="false", ProcessId="11816", RequestNumber="12" 00:40:51.805
    161. FASTCGI_START 00:40:51.805
    162. FASTCGI_WAITING_FOR_RESPONSE 00:40:51.805
    163. FASTCGI_END 00:40:59.883
    164. FASTCGI_RESPONSE_WRITTEN 00:40:59.883
    165. NOTIFY_MODULE_END ModuleName="FastCgiModule", Notification="EXECUTE_REQUEST_HANDLER", fIsPostNotificationEvent="false", NotificationStatus="NOTIFICATION_CONTINUE" 00:40:59.883

    Thursday, February 11, 2016 12:44 AM
  • Here's another thread I found where a guy was having the exact same issue.  It's a lot to read, but he never did get the problem fixed and eventually gave up on his Azure migration:

    I'm just about in the same place.  This is NOT a database issue.  The delay occurs even when I access PHP pages that don't even connect to my database.  So I hope we don't start going down that rabbit hole.

    I'll certainly appreciate any help I can get!

    Thank you!

    Thursday, February 11, 2016 12:51 AM
  • I think I've narrowed this problem down to my ClearDB MySQL database service.  The connection to the database is what's taking all the time.  That's the reason I didn't have this problem with my old website...the database was hosted on the same server and wasn't limited in any way.  Now, it seems I will have to upgrade from the Titan (free) database to Venus (basic) database just to see if that makes my performance issue get better.  And it looks like I cannot even do that inside the Azure portal.  I find the billing/pricing for Azure to be confusing, at best.
    Thursday, February 11, 2016 2:20 AM
  • Upgraded clearDB MySQL database from Titan (free) to Venus (basic).  The response time to connect to the database seems to have been reduced down to 3-4 seconds, which is still terribly slow.  The response time should be something more like a few milliseconds, not 3-4 seconds.  It's just not cost effective for me to pay more than $10 a month for a simple database.  Azure doesn't provide enough options for a small business.  Just not worth the time or money.
    Saturday, February 13, 2016 2:39 AM
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    Sunday, June 5, 2016 11:01 AM