Is there a way to passthrough all get parameters through BizTalk to oData service RRS feed

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  • I'm currently involved in a project that should utilize BizTalk a single point of communication.

    We have developed a REST/oData (v4) service, but having trouble using it through BizTalk.
    Can BizTalk just serve, log and resend REST requests, not to fiddle any content nor headers to get most out of from our service
    Is there a way to passthrough all the get parameters which are received in receive port to send port?,id&extend......

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  • Just to understand more.

    https://internaladdress/api/companies?Select=Name,id&extend...... is something you trigger to get some data back ??

    You can create ur biztalk app to have an endpoint with accepts some parameter. Using dynamic port feature you can then dynamically create ur end point and then trigger ur rest end point, get the data back and send it to whoever is interested.

    Is this something you are looking for or I misunderstood ur question.

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  • Is the intention to change the hostserver name in the URI? One way is to implement a behavior extension element, with BeforeSendRequest having the request header absolute path updated to required details. Also note that since this is a REST call, WCF-properties#HttpMethodAndUrl and WCF-properties#VariablePropertyMapping dtails should also be checked can be reassigned. 

    This way can provide more flexibility over the URI as well before posting messaging to the ODataservice endpopint. 



    Tuesday, September 15, 2015 8:45 AM
  • BizTalk shouldnt do anything else than just log received message in and out both ways. It should not make any validation nor combine data to any other data.
    Im looking for generic solution to pass any GET parameter not just some parameters.
    Using BizTalk for any communication is a business requirement. 

    Basic oData parameters would be sufficient, but I believe it should be easier to just pass-through any http get parameter that is given. 

    I have seen several blog posts about this which suggests that you should map these parameters one-by-one in WCF-WebHttp Adapter configuration.
    Since the whole idea of REST is that you are not bound to any static schema I wouldnt like to do that.

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