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  • Hello, I have an azure storage account (Storage v2, hierarchal name structure enabled), and an iot hub.  I set up an endpoint for iot hub to send all data to azure storage and it wouldn't work.  After a great deal of effort I found I could only send data to storage if I opened the storage account to be completely public.  

    When creating the storage account there are 3 connection options, public, public only to selected networks, and private.  I do not want the storage to be generally open to all internet so I chose the middle option, and private doesn't work since I don't have any other resources on a virtual network/haven't created one.  

    In my storage firewall options I can change from public to selected networks.  In the selected networks menu there is an option to choose "Allow trusted Microsoft services to access this storage account" which I have selected.

    I don't understand how my iot hub, which is in the same resource group as my storage account, isn't considered a trusted service??

    Any advice would be helpful.  Thanks,


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  • @ RyanMann The above mentioned query is more over related to iOt, however I would like to share some insights on this query: Have you tried to follow-up suggestion mentioned in this article. Use message routing to send device-to-cloud messages.
    There is a similar thread discussion in Stack Overflow forum, I would recommend to try the suggestion mentioned over there k
    indly let us know if the above helps or you need further assistance on this issue.


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  • Thanks for the reply.  I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the first portion of your response, but I have read that entire article numerous times, including going through any issues listed on the bottom.  I will make a suggestion that it may be helpful to create a link to the list of "trusted Microsoft services" or to make a note about the requirement of a vnet for data intended to be private.  The second portion of your response is actually my stack overflow question :) The response there was helpful- it seems what I would like to do isn't possible and I will have to set up a vnet or use Event Hub to route data through to storage... I will be setting up a vnet.

    Edit: Even with the "Private" Networking option and being on a virtual network it still doesn't appear possible to send iot hub data to a non-public storage.  Disappointing.

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