Disable menu option in BEx Analysis Toolbox in excel all user RRS feed

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    I have a toolbar that contains two types of controls
    1. Controls programmers
    2. Controls ordinary users
    Ordinary users to hide the commands of command ran programmers
    Public Sub Test ()
       Application.CommandBars ("BEx Analysis Toolbox"). Visible = True
       Application.CommandBars ("BEx Design Toolbox"). Visible = False
    End Sub
    My question is there a possibility that this ordinance will apply to all users and not just on that would be brought when I ran the command

    אם תגובתי פתרה את בעייתך - לחץ/י, על "סמן כתשובה" ליד סימן ה V הירוק.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015 7:45 AM