A situation where quoting: true on Extractor could be the wrong choice?


  • So far I've generally been matching my USING Extractors.Text arguments to the file as-I-know-it at the time I'm writing the EXTRACT.  For example, if the file I'm reading is a csv (or other delimited) which does NOT have quoted strings or values I use this:

    USING Extractors.Text(delimiter: ',', skipFirstNRows: 1, encoding: Encoding.UTF8, quoting: false, silent: false)

    I just had the supplier change the file to now be quoted strings, so of course the above fails.

    I've changed to "quoting: true" - I tested and this seems to work successfully WHETHER THE VALUES are quoted OR NOT.

    QUESTION:  would it be a safe practice to always specify "quoting: true" or could that prove a bad decision?

    Bill Blakey

    Friday, March 15, 2019 9:01 PM