Missing basic phone software feature on WM 6.5 Please program this before October 6. RRS feed

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  • Dear WM development team,

    could you please develop missing option of WM 6.1 in "SOUNDS & NOTIFICATIONS", under drop down menu "EVENTS" where basic SMS Delivery Report notification option is missing? Mostly all mobile phones brands allow you to specify simple actions of SMS Delivery Report behaviour as follows:
    1. Disable or assign different tone to SMS Delivery Report as the one used for regular incoming text message (SMS/MMS) notification. This would avoid us to check the cell phone each time when new text message notification sounds and you have no assurance whether this is SMS Delivery Report of a text message you sent to your friend before couple of hours when his mobile was switched off or whether this is a new text message arriving.
    2. Archive or move delivery report to predifined folder other than "Inbox" which allows you to sort not as important SMS Delivery reports from incomming text messages
    3. and finally as discussed here already, replace phone numbers by name according to address book entry

    I really miss this basic options in Windows Mobile and I'm quite dissapointed why Microsoft developpers did not created such a basic feature.

    There does exist such software for WM 5 developped by one Czech guy called as "SMS Delivery Receipt Fix", however this tool is not perfect as has some little bugs.

    Can you please discuss this issue with WM developpers. Hopefully new WM6.5 will includes this. I have reported this already in this thread, but with no response :(

    Thank you indeed.


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