There is no client tombstone table, how does client track pending non-posted changes RRS feed

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  • On the server everything is neatly specified, we see the stored procedures the tombstone tables the sql commands etc. Great samples and great functionality.

    On the client however there are no clues as to where "pending" deletes, inserts and updates are marked or stored. Where is the "ClientId" stored etc.

    It works as by magic, but not sure how/why. In MSSMS or in Visual studio (non Orcas) the database file clientdb.sdf seem to store nothing of this kind.
    Maybe the viewers used do not work and/or disclose this info (since these are ce 3.5 files)?


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  • On the client side (SQLCE), change tracking is enabled in SQL CE 3.5 when the first sync session is established.  The system tables store a sequence number for every row (_SysChangeTxBSN and _sysInsertTxBSN) and the last sent sequence number.  There are additional system tables (__sysOCSDeletedRows) that store tombstone entries.  The client ID is stored in the registry for each user.
    Monday, February 26, 2007 5:50 PM