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    Our requirement states  that, once the PlayTo device is enabled in one screen of the application (WPF), the connection should remain active throughout the application even if the user  navigates to a different screen within the application until/unless the user  disconnects the PlayTo device from the devices charm.

    • In other  words, say if the user is in screen 1 with a list of images and he connects to a  PlayTo device, the first image displayed on the screen will be displayed in the  PlayTo device. Now if the user navigates to Screen2 (which displays another set  of images) without disconnecting the PlayTo device, the first image in Screen2  should be AUTOMATICALLY displayed in the playTo device.
    • Is this  feasible?
    • I tried to  implement this, but the user has to manually select the PlayTo device in each  screen.
    • Also, the playTo doesn't work if the PlayToSource is set from any other screen. Say I set the PlayTo source from Screen1 and view the image(s) in the PlayTo device. Now if I navigate to a different screen and select the device from Screen2, the images in screen2 are NOT displayed in the device. But, if I do not set the PlayTo source from Screen1 and if I navigate to screen2 and set the PlayToSource from Screen2, I see the image(s) of Screen2 in the PlayTo device.



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