Add new in-app item without uploading a new binary


  • I've asked this question already 2 years ago, but I hope things have changed:

    I need to add new in-app items every two weeks or so. For the iOS and Android version of my app this is not a problem: I just submit the in-app item on the corresponding dashboard, update my content server and that's it.

    For the Windows Store however, I have to create and submit a new app binary (although nothing has changed) for each in-app update. Is this still that way? (Why???)

    Another question: I have 50 in-app items now. Is there still a maximum of 200 items for Windows? This could be a problem soon. (I know that starting with Win 8.1 there are large catalogues possible, but then I would be responsible for storing and managing purchase information. I do not want that) 

    Saturday, May 30, 2015 5:11 PM


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