Cannot Remove Exchange 2003 System Manager or MAPI Extensions RRS feed

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  • We have three machines involved in our overall email setup here. SERVER1 is a 2003 Domain Controller and also runs email archiving software, SERVER2 is a Exchange 2003 Std install and SERVER3 is an Exchange 2010 Enterprise install. We are migrating from 2003 to 2010 and have moved all mailboxes.

    We now need to rehome our journal archiving software to the SERVER3 machine so I can move the Journal mailbox. However, it requires the ExchangeMapiCDO tools to be installed to communicate with the new server, which require me to uninstall the Exchange 2003 System Manager/Messaging and Collaboration tools.

    Using Add/Remove Programs failed: upon selecting 'Remove', the installer complained of some errors in the forestprep/domainprep process (not sure why that was necessary) but indicated the tools were removed. However, they weren't - the System Manager still exists, as well as the connection to the 2003 server. The Add/Remove Programs item is now gone.

    Searching brought me to KB833396, "How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer". I followed the directions, but they are obviously geared towards an actual Exchange install, not the MAPI and System tools on another machine.

    Afterwards, I found a BlackBerry KB article detailing the manual removal of the MAPI tools (BB KB15779). I followed this process, which did nothing. After a reboot, the archival software still successfully accesses the 2003 machine with no problem. So, obviously I've made no headway.

    I try reinstalling/repairing the install of the Exchange tools, but it only gives me an "update" option, which leaves the following error log messages:
     [05/26/11,11:58:36] setup.exe: [2] ModuleID not found in map in GetSetupComponentByModuleID() -- [{DA943894-7A14-4FFF-BBDC-C004FAE2310B}]

    [05/26/11,11:58:36] setup.exe: [2] ModuleID not found in map in GetSetupComponentByModuleID() -- [{94B7AD3E-0B63-42AC-A542-082ED1F78787}]

    [05/26/11,11:58:36] setup.exe: [2] ModuleID not found in map in GetSetupComponentByModuleID() -- [{ECD1A63D-DBAF-442C-BF46-904364A96B00}]

    Further searching indicated many things I've quasi-ruled-out: MSSEARCH is installed properly and running, there doesn't appear to be an issue with accessing a DC. There are no errors on either Exchange server regarding AD attributes related to Exchange.

    Basically, I need to manually remove the System Manager and any Exchange 2003-related MAPI tools so that I can install the new CDO package to permit access to the Exchange 2010 machine. Can anyone point me in the right direction or is this a support call?
    Thursday, May 26, 2011 4:10 PM