Gantt view unselected/disappears after site template export


  • Hi guys. I have created a page with a number of List View Web Parts that I've exported as a template (excluding all content, but including all my lists), intending to let my end-users create sites based on this template. Most of these List View Web Parts have custom views selected, related to how this page is supposed to be used by my users.

    One particular web part is set to display a Gantt chart for a task list. However, after creating a new site from the template, the Gantt view isn't longer selected as the default view. In fact, it doesn't use a view I recognize at all. Adding a new item to the initially empty list gives this result:

    This view doesn't appear anywhere in the Views list, and all that is displayed there when I select it is <current view>.

    The Gantt view can still be selected by editing the web part, but this would ruin usability for the site. It's also worth noting that I think the Gantt view acts strange sometimes..when I select it from the Views list, I have to refresh the site or I will just get a standard list view.

    Do anyone know the right direction for handling this? All I really need is to make sure the Gantt view is selected automatically when a new site is created.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2:45 PM

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