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  • Hello to all!

    I have a question that is quite similar to this thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlservermigration/thread/4517b86b-5c87-45aa-95c4-e2c77633a7cd, but I'm not sure if at the end the user used the SSMA tool.

    Maybe that thread could be a foregoing discussion.

    I have used SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle  to make a few migrations and everything has worked fine but all the required work has been done manually. By manually I mean selecting which tables I want to migrate and the doing click on the migrate data button, just like 

    this : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ssma/archive/2010/08/27/migrating-oracle-s-sample-hr-schema.aspx

    But then I realize that all those tasks could be done automatically by creating an agent job because according to the documentation:

    "Every time that you migrate data to SQL Server, SSMA creates a SQL Server Agent job. These are named ssma_oracle data migration package {GUID}, and are visible in the SQL Server Agent node of SQL Server Management Studio in the folder."

    So I was thinking if I could create the job that executes such job and scheduling it and then realized that the job it is deleted after finishing the manual migration.

    According to the previous thread it can be done by creating a package which maps the desired tables from the Oracle source and then creates the destination tables in SQL Server.Once the package is created it can be used within a scheduled job but then ,¿where does the SSMA tool is used?

    Is it possible to find a solution or it just can be done in such way?

    Thank you.

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