Phishing email from microsoft RRS feed

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  • Why has every decision on these awful forums require at least 2 dropdowns.  has somebody deliberately designed this to be unusable?

    I got an email from stremail@microsoft.com stating I had bought visual studio code:

    Thanks for shopping with us on 17 April 2018.

    Visual Studio Professional subscription 
    Quantity 1 
    Product key: VMKHD-HKK7V-QFJ9G-88X42-JBKDY ANd i had been billed for £1,378.00

    I take it this is a phishing email.

    They must have had prior knowledge because I bought visual studio in the past.

    By the way microsoft support stinks.  It is utterly impossible to raise a ticket.  Link after link to more links, virtual assistants that give links to more links. Humans that cannot help you.

    I have no idea which forum I should be posting this on because each time I post it, I get somebody telling me it is the wrong forum.  This is disgusting

    Massive dropdowns that lead to more links.  

    Absolutely disgusting the lack of support.  All that money and you won't provide support.  Disgusting.

    Even this stupid form has about 4 dropdowns before you can post.  This is beyond a joke I am maddened by the whole experience.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 5:08 AM