Fortran DLL settings in visual studio/Intel


  • I have Fortran code that was made into a dll using Compaq visual fortran some years ago.  I made a change ot the fortran, and now need to recompile into a dll using visual Studio & Intel fortran.

    The application worked so long as the following settings were used in Compaq:

    In Project/Settings.../Fortran:

    a. Category = external procedures: 1) argument passing conventions: default*; 2) external name interpretation: uppercase*; 3) string length argument passing: after string arg*

    b. Category = Fortran language: a) name interpretation: upper case*

    c. Category = Libraries: a) reentrancy support: none; b) Use run-time library: Debug single-threaded* (and verify 'libs:static' was listed in project options.

    My question is: where are these settings and options located in Visual Studio/Intel Fortran?


    Wednesday, June 1, 2016 3:40 PM


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