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  • I have made updates to kinect multipoint project and im starting to enter a stable final release in exe form soon. But anyone can add their own device they wish to emulate to the vbscript code I have so far on my codeplex project page. I havent got any way of tracking non-human static objects yet with the kinect. If anyone has any ideas to add my kinect multipoint project then please share them in this post or you can modify and reupload my device emulator code:

    Also, I have a plans to try and see if i can find out enough technical details about the smart board ( is website) to emulate their device so I can use their software with a kinect instead so people at my work dont have to worry about not being able to use notebook software if they dont have a smart board.

    In addition, I have been working on a kinect sign language project here:

    For my sign language project anyone wishing to help I will offically start on the sign language project for kinect when I get a full stable release of kinect multipoint into exe form. The sign language project will have two parts:

    1. Sign Recorder - record a sign in the program for entry in a local program database but can update the database.

    2. Sign gesture recogonizer - Recognize a sign and then use text-to-speech to speak the word.

    P.S. in the coming months I will write an article on my blog in my signature below about using the kinectmultipoint emulator code from beginning to end. Also, Im glad to help people on anything kinect for pc and ive enjoyed it ever since microsoft sent me one for beta testing (I've used it with all kinect sdks up to using for debugging in kinect sdk v1).

    In addition to the above anyone wanting my guide which is mostly still useful in kinect sdk v1 I will post it on my blog below and remove things that no longer hold true for v1 and todd or someone from kinect team could even sticky it if they wish because I will make changes on it here soon for v1.5.

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