Certain programs not updating their content unless i resize the window RRS feed

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  • I'm on a Windows 7 laptop, and I have a very weird issue:

    I have had a D&D character builder installed which worked perfectly. But then one day, all of a sudden it started acting weird: The content of the program, images and menu's etc, wouldnt update after i interacted with it, by clicking or typing etc, unless i resized the window. This means that i cant do 2 things without maximising/resizing the window inbetween.

    Then, today i downloaded the github program from their website and it had the same issue. I had to type in my username so i selected the username field and started typing. But no text showed up, i then remembered the above-mentioned bug and when i resized the github window: voila, the text i had typed was there.

    So far this has only happened with these 2 programs, but i'd like to know if and how i can fix it :)


    Tuesday, October 1, 2013 1:21 PM