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  • All,

    I'm in the unfortunate position of fully understanding SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online, SQL Server, .Net Development and Web Application Dev.  What I need is some simple answers to how best to use Azure/Office 365/SharePoint Online together.  After much searching, I've decided to just ask the questions *sigh*.

    Requirements:  We are developing an number of applications that need to be able to support 1000+ simultaneous users.  Max number of user might be around 10,000 simultaneous -- so lets call it mid-size application development.

    The requirements include ingestion of documents, creation and distribution (email/printing) of system generated correspondence.  The target community (citizens) will not initially require online access to system.  When we expand to add citizen access we may peak at 20-50 thousand users.  For security reasons the apps will be initially written in .Net using VS 2012/13, we will then move a subset of the apps to be Web Applications  using javascript.  Some of the data is best stored in SQL Server directly and we will be using web service calls to exchange data with legacy apps.  Some of the legacy apps are still housed on internal servers.  Fast response type is a necessity.  We will also need to access a document information system which houses a large volume of scanned records.

    Question 1:  Single Signon.  We will be using the Office 365/SharePoint user identification, each named user will have an account.  What is the best practice for Azure/SQL Server access in the case of the database being integrated with SharePoint Lists/Libraries?  Would user have access to the Azure DB? or would we embed a password in the applications and use a single logon for DB access?   What about report writers?  Would users using report writers, such as crystal reports, normally have Azure logons?

    Question 2:  Database Integrity and Disaster Recovery.  Obviously both the Azure Farm and the SharePoint farms can independently crash and need to be recovered.  In such cases we might need to roll-back the SQL Serve to the same point in time.  How can this be accomplished with an Azure/SharePoint Online combo?

    Question 3:  I admit pricing is confusing me MUCHO.  I totally understand how to price out Office 365/SharePoint.  How do we price out Azure (yes I've looked at the price calculator).  Assume we only need the following on Azure:

    --- SQL Server DB.   About 15-25 GB.  Some of the transactional tables could have as many as 3-5 million new rows per month. New/updated data per month could be as much 2-4 GB. 

    ---  Monthly Query traffic.  Could be as high as 60-70GB per month of traffic.

    --- There would be a small number of maintenance programs that ideally would run on Azure.  Clean up of records, workflow reports, standard reports, etc.  These programs would normally be IO bound and not CPU bound, even if all of them ran at once on a pretty standard $5-8,000 server.  Please Note, these programs would also need to access SharePoint Lists/Libraries.

    The bulk of the processing and heavy lifting would be on client PCs or SharePoint.  For example, the SharePoint farm might have over 2 TB of documents.   SO:  About how much would the monthly Azure costs amount to?  Under $1,000, under $5,000, under $10,000?

    Sorry for the long message.

    HELP!!!  I just need to get a sense of cost and the best practice for single sign on etc. before I go down this path.

    Cheers, Savin Smith

    Friday, November 22, 2013 4:39 PM