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  • Hi,

    I am currently working on custom UI application using WCF,

    and found some missing (or I am the only missing for them :))functionality (at least from back-end-side)(IMHO) reaching perfectness , it would great:

    Create custom attributes for model objects, (those could be accessible only via WCF) such as ShowModel, ShowEntity, ShowAttribute, DisplayAttributeInDBAAttributeLookup, and so on.

    AttributeGroups are not full filled, because you can set visibility to a certain group, but you cannot forbid visibility of all attributes. So ,why groups are necessary? if you grant access for one group, you have to leave that user away from other groups and group-less attributes. It is the way easier than denying access to certain attributes through user's permissions.

    Attribute visibility and editing options - sometimes System attributes causes pain in MDS WebApplication ,because attribute Code , which is AutoGenerated on bridge entities(ie ProductMarket)  means nothing to end consumer, and would be great to be able to make it hidden.

    Also possibility to make attributes read only regardless access permissions, those would be calculated by business rules or loaded by staging , etc

    In summary,

    Everything is good, but could be better :)

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  • I wish Microsoft was planning on extending MDS further.  The word we got recently directly from them is that while they have no plans to deprecate MDS (or DQS), at least up through SQL Server 2019 they are not adding new features.

    A pity, actually, since there is no other framework like it that comes bundled in something like Enterprise Edition, and I would otherwise evangelize it ferociously to the local DAMA and HIMMS chapters.  

    Thursday, April 11, 2019 3:59 PM