Add "DataView" to ReportViewer at Run-Time RRS feed

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  • Problem is briefly: select a group of rows based on date range, from that group select a sample of rows; print the sample.

    The selection process works correctly. I used a dataGrid to display the results. Someone suggested using a dataView to include just the rows chosen for the sample. That worked well also.

    I have created an RDLC file to display\print the sample and need to bind the dataView as the dataSource. There is lots of information about this but I seem to be missing a piece. RDLC's, as far as I can tell, need to have a dataSet and dataTable assigned as the dataSource. I have found how to create a dataSet. But I am not sure how to add a table.

    I have found the properties necessary to identify the reportDataSource, but I am really confused about how to do it correctly. I have included the code below that I am trying to use. The assignment to DS.Name is a holdover from when I was programmatically creating a dataSet and dataTable. (I changed "dt" to "DataTable1" is part of my experimentation.)

    As always, any nudge is much appreciated.

    DataView V1 = new DataView(R2); V1.RowFilter = "mark='X'"; //'mark' is a column in R2 DataTable dt = V1.ToTable(); //Create table for reportDataSource ReportDataSource DS = new ReportDataSource(); DS.Name = "DataSet1_DataTable1"; DS.Value = dt; reportViewer1.Reset();


    reportViewer1.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(DS); reportViewer1.RefreshReport();

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  • Hi wodders,

    I think Visual Studio Report Controls will be better for your issue.

    Actually I gave you DataView before is because that is a WinForm API and you posted on WinForm forum. But I'm not so sure if a DataView can be applied by your ReportViewer.

    I have do some research about this issue and maybe you can have a look at this thread:

        Dim dt As DataTable
        dt = DirectCast(Form1.ProgActnBindingSource.Current, DataRowView).DataView.ToTable
        Dim rs = New ReportDataSource
        rs.Name = "name"
        rs.Value = dt
        ReportViewer1.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local
        ReportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "projectname.Report1.rdlc"

    Sounds related to your code especially for that convert part.


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