Printer "Device" Running under Windows 10 RRS feed

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  • I need to create software (service, app, whatever) running under Win10 that presents itself to the network as being an actual UPnP physical printer.  Other systems searching for printers should "believe" they're finding just a normal printer "such as" (example only, not literally) an HP LaserJet or whatever.  I have printer device experience, so the software logic to then process page jobs, etc, isn't the issue.  The software would listen on Port 9100 (standard raw print job port), or listen as otherwise necessary to be a "normal" printer.  What I'm unsure about is the Windows APIs to use to get Windows to announce the presence of this "printer" to clients using, most importantly but not necessarily exclusively, WS-Discovery.  Normally if this was a real physical printer with full control over its own TCP/UDP ports, I'd just handle the WS-Discovery on 3702 myself.  However Windows is already claiming 3702 for its own "device" discovery purposes, so I obviously need to do whatever is necessary to get Windows to present my "device" (virtual printer) via WS-Discovery.

    Just looking for somebody to point me in the right direction of the proper APIs to use so I'm not heading down dead-ends exploring the wrong APIs.


    -- kburgoyne

    Sunday, September 11, 2016 1:23 AM