Won't let me save


  • After solving my first problem with visual basic I hve ran into another.  It wont let me save any project, if I try I get "An Error Occured Saving The Project File 'project4.vbproj'."
    Any more ideas?
    Sunday, September 10, 2006 4:16 AM

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    How are you trying to save it.

    When a start a serious project a create the project from a template and exit. This brings up a prompt asking me is I want to save it or discard it.

    Since I want to save it, I select Save and it prompts me for where to save it. There's glitch here. If I haven't created a directory I can create one. But it never seems to recognize the newly created directory so I cancel the save but I still have the project and I exit again and go through the same process only now there is a directory to save it in and it saves nicely.



    Sunday, September 10, 2006 4:50 AM
  • I wrote a small piece of code and I'm trying to debug it.  Whenever I press debug it prompts me to save the file but then gives me the error message.  There isn't a way to debg without saving is there?
    Sunday, September 10, 2006 5:20 AM

    I don't know what you did at the beginning. I write "unsaved test programs" all the time and these are actually saved in documents and settings temporary locations while the progrm itself appears to totally unsaved. "Saving" stores things to a permanent and specfied location.

    Start up another copy of VBE. Create a project and exit.... it should ask you if you ant to save the project o discard it. Try saving it and see if that works.



    Sunday, September 10, 2006 5:29 AM