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  • Hello.    

              My name is Darin Roberts.  I am a Pastor of Children's Ministries at Highest Praise Family Church.

              Currently we run three busses every Sunday Morning and Wednesday night, bringing in 50+ kids per bus per service.  To keep track of these kids, we have a hard-copy  route sheet (maintained in excel)listing stop #, Kids Names, Address, Phone, and the pick-up and take home times. After church, we load the kids up,  then attempt to verify that all the kids are back aboard.  On the Wednesday nights, the reload is a nightmare, as we are loading in the dark at 8:30 PM, 55+ kids packed wall to wall, and all wanting to go to sleep, or home to do homework, and talking to friends at full volume. 

               I had an idea of buying some tablet PCs or I pads, and finding an attendance app.

              The idea would be to have the route list display on the pad, and as a child loads on the pick up run, we could tap on the  child's name and it would highlight it.  It would also be entered into a database for attendance, PLUS added to a  "Reload List".  The app would also need to have a way to tap on an empty space under the names listed at each stop so we could add friends who visit, letting us know where they got on so we know where to take them home after church. So when you tap the empty space, an input window with fields for name,  address, phone#, and birthday would pop up.  Lastly, when it is time to go home, we could pull up the "Reload list" which  would list all those who loaded Alphabetically by First name (a lot of our younger kids don't know theirs...) and tap them off the list as they reload, so when we are done, any names listed would be the kids we need to go hunting for. 

             I know nothing about programing, have only used pad systems acouple of times, so I have NO concept of how to do this.  Ijust know Apps are usually simple to use and tend to be far more intuitive than standard IBM systems, so figured this would be a great fix. 

              As we are a donation based ministry, I also have NO funds to pay someone to do this, but we can give a charitable donation letter for any reasonable market value. 

              If you can possibly help me with this, I would trulyappreciate it. If not you, maybe you might know someone who can.

              Darin Roberts

              Children's Pastor 




    Monday, December 3, 2012 12:52 PM


  • Hi Darin,

    Based on your description, what you want is something like a tracking system with a contact list maintained. There are fixed contacts and also dynamic ones (added on-demand). Each contact will have some basic information like name, address/location, ...  and the application need to track the contacts at the stop they get up the bus and get off the bus. I think this is definitely doable with windows 8 RT tablet since there are rich APIs and components supporting this. If you want to find some one to write this for you, then it's also a good idea to consider the windows 8 RT platform because this platform supports various programming languages such as C++,  .NET C# ,.NET VB.NET and HTML5 +javascript. So that will give you more opportunities for finding a proper developer for your program.

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