application crashes when binding the grid to a source with than 500 items. RRS feed

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  •  I am trying to bind a grid to a datasource to a grid, the binding works fine when the number of items in the datasource is less than 500. But the application crashes with an exception when the number of items is more than 500. When I break the exception Below is the call stack information.

    >	combase.dll!7785273a()	Unknown
     	[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for combase.dll]	
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b3d2a97()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b1576ff()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a91c()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a7f5()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a7b5()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a85b()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1aa72()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a4f5()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a432()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af19c18()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed77d8()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed78cb()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed787a()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76edf139()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76edaaa6()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1e6c0()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1fbcb()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1a0e9()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1f624()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b562322()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af5c6c3()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b562cfb()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b51e807()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b55f26d()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b4e1bcf()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d8a16()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d8870()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7ee5()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7ebd()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7e83()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7961()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7ef4()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d7bdb()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d769a()	Unknown
     	ninput.dll!644d8795()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b1014fd()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b10262f()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b102149()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b0fd29b()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b1014fd()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b10262f()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b1014fd()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b105707()	Unknown
     	ntdll.dll!77de1078()	Unknown
     	ntdll.dll!77e25af4()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b1059c0()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af152e1()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b0fd54f()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1f904()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1fcfd()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5af1f80c()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5b69668d()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed77d8()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed78cb()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed787a()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed7c57()	Unknown
     	user32.dll!76ed7aa2()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.dll!5f9a11dc()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.dll!5f9a1290()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5affdee2()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5affdea1()	Unknown
     	Windows.UI.Xaml.dll!5affde65()	Unknown
     	ntdll.dll!77df01a0()	Unknown
     	twinapi.dll!673bc9dd()	Unknown
     	twinapi.dll!673bcab2()	Unknown
     	twinapi.dll!673bc9f6()	Unknown
     	SHCore.dll!75171ffd()	Unknown
     	kernel32.dll!765a8543()	Unknown
     	ntdll.dll!77dfac69()	Unknown
     	ntdll.dll!77dfac3c()	Unknown

    The datasource has to fetch the data from a server using the concurrency. Please provide some light on this. I am clueless why this is happening.

    Is there any way I can load the items on the grid only when the user scrolls. The grid also implements the grouping as well.

    the exception that occurs is

    "Unhandled exception at 0x5B3D2A97 (Windows.UI.Xaml.dll) in NortonZoneApp.exe: 0xC000027B: An application-internal exception has occurred (parameters: 0x1007A050, 0x00000005)."

    Please provide some solution to this.

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