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  • I'm new to reports and need help with this:

    I'm building a RDLC report to display with a reportviewer on my page.

    The report I was successfully able to create looks like this:


    The datasource is a list of objects that each contain employee's working time:

    Datum (Date)

    Arbeitsstation (Workstation)


    Eingang (EntryTime)

    Ausgang (ExitTime)

    Gearbeitet (Time Worked)

    I was able to get the subtotals in each group (Date/Workstation/Name), hide the duplicate details and even display "Fehler" (Error) when there were missing times and the subtotal could not be figured out.

    As you can see, I display a subtotal for each day that an employee had working times.

    Here's what I haven't been able to figure out: At the end of the report, I want to display a grand total of all the working times for each employee. I want it to look like this (sample data, since I did not include whole report):

    Avi dws            Total: 54 Std 28 Min

    Chana Winkler Total: 48 Std 21 Min

    I've tried adding a new table below my original report with only the Name and the sum of the time worked in the details row and a group on Name and hiding duplicate names. But it shows all the employee's names for each day that they worked. I need it to aggregate the days into one grand total at the end.

    How do I do this? THANK YOU!

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  • you can add grand total in table footer

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    Sunday, September 1, 2013 10:20 AM
  • Okay, that's what I want to do. But how? Could you give me the expression to write into the footer?

    Thank you!

    Sunday, September 1, 2013 10:25 AM
  • This is what I have in the footer's textbox expression:


    where "formatTimeSpan" is a custom code that just puts the TimeSpan into the correct string.

    What I get is

    Chana Winkler        4 Std 0 Min

    I would need a list of all employees and the total of their hours.

    Please advise!!

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