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  • A long time i have used with WINXP a little driver to have a nice personalized icon

    I decided to try to do the same with windows 10 ... a little challenge.


    1 - I can do an icon file

    2 - I know how to do a certificat for self-signed driver , make a cat file and sign the driver and import the certificate to other computers ...

    3 - I can do a Device Metadata Packages.


    What i want to do is do as i had done with windows XP and see the icon of the key in the Explorer (My Computer) by making a small inf file but also incorporate the ability to automatically place a file for a device that will store metadata appear this icon in devices and printers.

    At this time i search to copy automaticly the devicemetadata file


    Here is my little inf file:


    ; Drivers clé USB With Icon by F5BJR Corp 
    ;Replace Transcend Black 2GB by your KeyName and Icon
    ;Replace 918acfbf-b6ba-4e69-a997-56f58b7bbd04  ( .devicemetadata-ms ) by your devicemetadata-ms file
    ;Replace USB\VID_058F&PID_6387 by your DeviceID

    Signature   = "$WINDOWS NT$"
    Class       = USB 
    Provider    = "F5BJR Corp"
    DriverVer   = 10/03/2015,
    CatalogFile = Transcend Black


    COPYMETADATA_EN = 24, \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceMetadataStore\EN-US ;

    1=%DiskString%,"Transcend Black 2GB.ico",,
    2 = %DiskString%,,,\MetadataPackage ;
    1=%DiskString%,"Transcend Black 2GB.ico",,
    2 = %DiskString%,,,\MetadataPackage ;

    4b2e9561-cbbb-4e6e-b79a-659873914a64.devicemetadata-ms= 2,, ;A metadata package file for EN-US
    Transcend Black 2GB.ico = 1

    ;--------- Device Metadata Section ---------------------------------------------------
    4b2e9561-cbbb-4e6e-b79a-659873914a64.devicemetadata-ms,,,0x00000800 ;COPYFLG_NODECOMP

    Transcend Black 2GB.ico

    COPYMETADATA_EN-US = 24, \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceMetadataStore\EN-US ;

    ExcludeFromSelect = *

    %F5BJR-KEY%=F5BJR-KEY, NTamd64

    %DeviceName% = F5BJR-KEYDev.Install, %DeviceID%

    %DeviceName% = F5BJR-KEYDev.Install, %DeviceID%




    HKR,, Label, 0x10000, "Transcend Black 2GB"
    HKR,, Icons, 0x10000, "Transcend Black 2GB.ico"
    HKR,, NoMediaIcons, 0x10000, ""

    DeviceName        = "Transcend Black 2GB"
    DeviceID          = "USB\VID_058F&PID_6387"
    DiskString        = "F5BJR Driver installation disk"
    DriverSet         = "F5BJR Drivers"
    F5BJR-KEY         = "F5BJR"

    REG_EXPAND_SZ = 0x00020000
    REG_DWORD = 0x00010001

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