Using OpenMP with Clang in Visual Studio 2013

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  • Hi,

    I have to develop an application using OpenMP 4 or 4.5 because I need target to GPU. However, Visual Studio only support OpenMP 2.0 so I decided to use LLVM and Clang to compile my project. By this way, I downloaded this Windows snapshot build ( and changed the option Platform Toolset of my Visual Studio project. My problem is that although I am compiling my project with Clang i cant use OpenMP functions because when I include omp.h from this compiler, Visual Studio shows me the follow error:

        8    IntelliSense: more than one instance of overloaded function "omp_destroy_lock" has 'C' linkage    c:\LLVM\lib\clang\4.0.0\include\omp.h

    I am very confuse, could you help me?


    JuanMa J.R

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