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  • I am going to develop a project that using the Kinect v2 to control window, including mouse cursor, powerpoint, etc.

    However, I have done a lot of research but I can't found some reference for me to develop a C++ language for this application. I found a lot of developers using C# language to develop mouse cursor control by kinect v2. But I don't have too much knowledge in C#, it is difficult for me to change it reference to C++ as I just have some basic knowledge in C++.

    I would like to develop the mouse cursor part first. Is it have any reference about developing a window control by C++ language using Kinect v2? Thank a lot.

    I found a reference that is control the mouse cursor by C# language in this website.


    In addition, if I develop a window control by Kinect v2 in visual studio, is it open a new project in visual C++ universal window (blank app) rather than using Win32 console application?

    Sorry about that it is my first time to develop an application by programming. I have a lot of problems that I want to ask and I don't have enough time for me to do this project. Thanks.

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015 8:55 AM