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  • Hi. I'm using for first time the DirectionsManager to create routes in Bing Maps AJAX v7. The route is created correctly, but comes with two small "infoboxes" showing "A" at the start of the route, and "B" at the final. I want to remove those infoboxes, but honestly, after reading all the documentation ( and "Binging" a while, I can't found anything helpful. Also, I tried every option inside setRenderOptions. Any ideas?

                directionsManager = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.DirectionsManager(map);
                directionsManager.setRenderOptions({autoDisplayDisambiguation: false, 
                    autoUpdateMapView: true, displayManeuverIcons: false, displayPreItineraryItemHints: false, displayPostItineraryItemHints: false, displayRouteSelector: false, displayStepWarnings: false, drivingPolylineOptions: { strokeColor: new Microsoft.Maps.Color(150, 255, 51, 51), strokeThickness: 8 }
                directionsManager.setRequestOptions({ routeMode: Microsoft.Maps.Directions.RouteMode.driving });
                var seattleWaypoint = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.Waypoint({ address: '000 fake street, Houston TX 77000' });
                var tacomaWaypoint = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.Waypoint({ address: '111 fake street, Houston TX 77111' });

    Bernardo Salazar

    Thursday, July 3, 2014 9:00 PM