Can multiple apps "Play To" one app?


  • Hi,

        I want to add "Play To" feature into my app using Windows.Media.PlayTo APIs. I run the two demo well on my computer: Media Play To sample and PlayToReceiver sample.

        But "one to one" mode does not satisfy my app.  Does "Play To" feature support multiple apps playto one app? In other word, Does one PlayToReceiver support receiving multiple streams at one time? Or, can one metro app start multiple PlayToReceiver?

        So far, I just know if I try to start two PlayToReceiver in my app, I will get a error code with message: "Status is 'error', but getResults did not return an error". Code is like:

    g_receiver = new Windows.Media.PlayTo.PlayToReceiver();
    g_receiver1 = new Windows.Media.PlayTo.PlayToReceiver();
    //some code to bind event
     g_receiver.startAsync().then(function () {
                }, function (e) {
     g_receiver1.startAsync().then(function () {
                }, function (e) {

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  • As the API is right now (Win 8) you cannot receive more than a single stream per PTR (PlayToReceiver) instance and you cannot have more than one PTR instance. This is a limitation of the PTR not DLNA's DMR (Digital Media Renderer) specification which allows the option for a DMR to support multiple streams.

    There are two options for the receiver to get around this.

    1. If you don't care about the other apps being able to control the media on the set source event just rotate through your video tags assigning them the random access stream. The stream will still be good, but control becomes an all or nothing type of thing.

    2. Write your own DMR over the UPnP protocol supporting multiple connections.

    As for the sending of the content from Windows it will always send to the first connection (0) so even if you support multiple connections on the DMR, the sending apps using Windows' APIs will only send it to the first connection unless you write your own DMC (Digital Media Controller).

    -- David

    Saturday, June 15, 2013 8:28 AM