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  • Hi all, new here.

    I was using Access and almost finished creating what I needed to accomplish and realized I should decided to use SQL.  No knowledge, but have managed to get around.  I played around with importing access db and running queries that I created in Access in a DB.

    Realizing I should start building DBs & Tables as I will be structuring things, I hit a wall.  My queries were working until I decided to create separate DBs and Tables.  I have read and read and i probably don't grasp the logic quite yet as I did in Access.

    I'm pretty sure you have to specify the DBs & tables that you want to query, but I am going in circles and looking for someone to help me move forward.

    So here is my query

    UPDATE [Mohawk Prod]

    SET [Mohawk prod].backing_facet = [mapping_backing_facet].map_to

    FROM [Mohawk Prod]


    ON [Mohawk Prod].backing = [mapping_backing_facet].map_from

    I have a DB named named Mohawk_Production and a table named dbo.Mohawk Prod

    I have a Mapping DB named MAPPING and a a table named mapping_backing_facet

    The above query worked when all these tables were in the same DB.

    Can someone help and point out the obvious......Thanks all

    Tuesday, September 29, 2020 4:24 PM