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  • My GF and I had a long night and when I woke up somehow the password on my Samsung Saga SCH-i770 was setup.  I tried several passwords I believed would be the default but to no avail.  The phone then locked me out of even trying new passwords, illiciting that I had made too many attempts.  I think it might be set to the default which I now realize is usually the last four digits of my phone number.  I have tried everything including taking out the battery and going to Verizon I can not unlock the phone to even allow me to try the default password.  Is this a software issue and can it be resolved?  I have several client's numbers on my phone and wiping out their numbers then getting my phone lists and calling them randomly asking who they are is not acceptable.  Please help if possible.  I have reached the end of my rope.  Oh the phone uses windows 6.1 mobile operating system.  Oh and I have tried active sync but it won't even come up given that the phone is locked out.
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  • That may be a better question for one of the SamsungMobile.com forums since it isn't a Windows Mobile development related question.

    I've run ino a situation like that before, and unfortunately there usually are not many workarounds. The security features tend to lean towards keeping the data secure more than making the data easily recoverable (as the latter is associated with security holes).  The only thing that I can think of that would unlock the phone would also clear out all of the data that's on it. And as you've noted the lock is also designed to keep out ActiveSync to further protect the phone's information.

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