Scaling with Media Foundation transform RRS feed

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    I'm trying to write a transform that among other things does scaling.
    To Test it I'm using the PlaybackFX from the Media Foundation samples.
    The problem I encountered in is that in the transfrom filter it looks like the other parts of the topology is ok with the scaling (I'm getting SetOutputType() with the scaled size), but in the player it doesn't seem like working.
    I tried to get the video size using IMFVideoDisplayControl::GetNativeVideoSize() and I'm getting the original size before the scaling (the MSDN describe this function as a way to get the size prior to any stretching by the video renderer, so I expected it to be the scaled size).
    I also tried to set the video size to the output size of the transfrom manually, but it didn't work: when I didn't activate the scaler, the renderer stretched my video. when I did activate it the renderer showed me some smeared picture of small part of the frame.
    So, the question is how can I set the video window to be in the size of the output from the transform and to show exactly what the transform produce?
    Wednesday, August 16, 2006 2:53 PM