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  • I am trying to use Visual Studio Reports ".rdlc" to generate reports for my application.  The data loads into the reports O.K., and I don't have problems there, but I am running into the following problems, which are very strange and I do not understand.  I was hoping maybe someone else that has experienced this would maybe have an idea how to fix this...  Sad

    1) I have an imageBox that is set to display an embedded image in a FitProportional Sizing.  When I am viewing the report in the Report Viewer the image is larger than it shows in the report designer, but when I save it as a .pdf the image is correct (Though kind of "blocky"...).  But also I have a line below this image, and on some pages this shows up and on others it does not...  It is very odd.  The pdf file doesn't seem to like images for some reason...

    2) I have a table with 7 columns, and for the life of me when I save this to a .pdf I cannot get all the columns on one page...  What am I doing wrong?

    3) When I open the form with the reportViewer control the reportViewer control appears blank, then takes a while to appear.  It's strange.

    4) I have a textBox in the header and would like to populate this with the total of all of the rows of a column that is in the table in the body.  How would I go about doing this?

    5) I cannot for the life of me get everything to appear on one page (Width wise) when I save to pdf...  Can I change the margins or something?  I don't understand this...

    I am using Visual Studio 2005.

    Thanks Again for your help,

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:02 PM