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    I have made a simple calculator on visual studio 2012....I am trying to insert a background image in a table or fieldset but the path which I am giving is not been accepted and so the image is not displayed.....

    Similarly I tried to add audio sound to a button of calculator but the path which I gave to src attribute of audio tag it is not accepting it also and it says error: unsupported audio type or invalid path....I have used .wav and .mp3 extension it did not work for any and my Visual Studio folder is located in My documents of Windows 8...In it inside the project folder i have the calculator folder containing the calculator app and I have used the image stored in  image folder of the calculator app folder and similarly the audio file which i tried to run but it is not accepting the path....The path which I gave goes like this:-

    For image:-  background-image: url(images/image.png)

    For audio:- src="success.wav" or "Audio/success.wav" where Audio is the folder inside the calculator app folder which I have created.....

    Please tell me the solution for this problem......Email me the solution to :- abuzar.sgi89@gmail.com

    Sunday, February 10, 2013 5:58 PM


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