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  • First, much thanks to the MSDN blog, someone from CyberText ("Taming Multilevel Lists"), Shauna Kelly ("How to Create Numbered Headings...."), and several others for significantly improving my understanding of multi-level lists.  Great explanations (sourced below).  Here's my unresolved list issue, and in my search for a solution, I see it's shared by others:

    My goal is to create and distribute a two-level list, for a multiple-choice test question template, with space between the questions but no space within each question (where the answer choices go.  I've defined a new list style, and linked it to existing paragraph styles (List Number and List Number 2).  Except for the numbering scheme, I closely followed the procedure in the CyberText article, "Taming Multilevel Lists."

    All works as expected except for one thing.  After working in the list, I hit Enter twice (to back out to Normal style).  The first stroke puts the document at the top number level and style, but the second stroke doesn't take it back to Normal style; It remain in the List Number style. 

    This is different behavior than in the built-in list in the List Library (the one that goes 1), a), i), etc.  In that one, backing out of the list by hitting Enter returns the document to Normal style.  I haven't been able to find what's different between the built-in list and the customized one.  I apparently can't modify the built-in list in the library, and can't make my new list behave like the built-in one (getting back to Normal style).  I'm stumped.  Anything that points me in the right direction would be much appreciated.  

    Thank you, and thanks again to the experts whose generous contributions got me this far.

    Sources: (and related pages) 


    Monday, November 22, 2010 3:31 PM


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