How to resolve all peers in a cloud using System.Net.PeerToPeer RRS feed

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    I am currently trying to write a sample Peer-To-Peer application in C#. I have followed the examples for the client/service and netsh listed on MSDN. All examples including remote name resolution works great! Once resolved I use these endpoints to determine the service URI and then connect directly to that client. In all of these examples we register a peer name called either "0.Authority" or "Classifier.Authority". Because I know this value I can then use my resolver client with that value and it works.

    The one issue I have is I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resolve PeerName's that "I don't know". It works perfect if I know who I am looking for but if 10 dynamic clients join the cloud how do I find their names? The only PeerName I know of at that time is the one that I have registered for my own instance of the application. The eventual goal here is to startup N endpoints dynamically and have they all dynamically recognize each other in the cloud.

    There seems to be something that I am missing here. Any help would be extremely appreciated!



    Sunday, October 6, 2013 3:21 AM


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