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  • I have an array of data that ultimately draws lines parallel to one another.  There are 120 elements in the array and the data represents in inches how far apart the lines are.

    I have so far used the drawline and drawstring in a picture box that I have asigned a size based on the total width of lines from element 0 thru 120.  It draws on the screen fine relately easy to do...
    I have also basically re-written the code a bit with the e.graphics method and also have print preview and print capabilities...

    Here's the question.  Ultimately I would like to print these lines on a label sheet like the avery 8161 1x4" label.  How can I utilize the DrawRectange method to declare the label size (1" x4")  and then draw ALL of the array elements INSIDE that rectange.  Then I would like to somehow just call THAT graphic and position it wherever I want in the print preview routine....

    Is this doable??  I know I ask ALOT of questions and DO appreciate all the help you have given so far.  I am in the midst of RE-WRITING over 10 years of what started as VB4 which ended in VB6 to this.  The hard coding still works but there seems to be MUCH easier ways to do things in VS2005 and that is what I am trying to learn.


    Thanks for ALL of your help!

    Tuesday, January 31, 2006 7:10 PM

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