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  • As per our code when we fill the asp.net MVC form that data is display in the gird but when this code is run on Microsoft edge we have hard refresh the page we are unable to display our data directly where else in other browser we can !!

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017 9:25 AM

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  • Hi,

    to debug page loading issues.....

    load about:blank in edge. Display the dev tool (f12) and pin it to the browser. Select the Debug tab, and select "Break on all exceptions" from the dropdown (looks like a Stop sign), then select the Network tab, and make sure that "Always refresh from server" is selected....press the Start button on the networking tab...then select the Console tab, so you can see its output as the page loads.!important - keep the dev tool pinned while you are debugging.... IF you close the dev tool.... then the browser will just ignore errors... (default behaviour for non-developer users).

    Return to your browser and TYPE in (or copy/paste) the address of your test/development host. Press enter....

    IF you have the Adblock Plus extension installed, it will indicate the number of external resources blocked. Correct the error messages and warnings as displayed in the console of the dev tool....

    Most probably you are using third-party media-player frameworks like flow-player or analytics.js from google analytics that is using ActiveXObject (Edge ignores it). Check for version updates for the third-party frameworks and shims that you are using.




    Tuesday, May 16, 2017 11:04 PM