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  • Hi All,

    I need to ask a question I think I must have asked before or has been asked before. How do I go about setting Visual Studio 2008 up to work on an embedded platform.  I seem to recall having to install VS 2005 (as a trail) to give some of the files I needed to use in WinCE6 will this still work as the trail has now timed out? I ask this as while it has not landed on my desk yet it is lightly to in a few weeks...


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  • This depends on what type of development you are doing.

    If you want to do platform development against the Windows CE platform, that is build the OS Image that will go on your device you need to get Platform Builder.  For Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform Builder exists as a plug-in to Visual Studio 2005.  You do not need to purchase Visual Studio 2005 separately as it comes with Visual Studio 2005 when you purchase Platform Builder.

    If you want to develop an application in Visual Studio 2008 that can be ran on a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device then you only need the Device SDK for the device that you are targeting.  If you don't create the OS Image yourself you should contact the device manufacturer for the Device SDK for your platform.  There is no "Generic" Device SDK.

    The only reason you would NEED to install the Visual Studio 2005 trial that I can think of is if you are trying to build your own OS Image with a trial version of Platform Builder.  If you are running the trial of Platform Builder 6.0 and don't own a valid license for Visual Studio 2005 then you would have to run a trial of Visual Studio 2005 along with the trial of Platform Builder 6.0.

    If you need to actually build your own OS Image I would just purchase a copy of Platform Builder 6.0 and save yourself a lot of head-aches.

    If you are evaluating Windows Embedded CE 6.0 for a new project or platform, it is important to know that Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is now two versions old (replaced by Windows Embedded Compact (CE 7.0) and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (CE 8.0.)  This will have an impact on how long Microsoft will continue to send out QFEs for the OS (it is already in Extended Support.)



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  • Thanks for that. It has answered some questions I had and proposed new ones for the customer. 
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