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  • Hi everyone, I am a chicken who just started learning about coding and everything related. I have some questions and please help me with this:

    Firstly, I am learning to create a small chatting app for me and my friends. I want my app to be opened with a special gesture (quick tapping continuously on the screen) or a combination of buttons (like how you take the screenshot of your phone). My friend told me that is impossible on WP8.1 but I still want to ask. I did some Google but It's no help. May be It's because I used wrong keywords (English is not my language :D ). 

    My next problem is  that, I want my app to find the closest person who has my app on his/her phone and give a notification to that phone saying "Hey, I am dying free, want to chat?". Is that possible too?

    Thanks in advance if you can stop by and drop a line.... thanks thanks 

    Ps: This App sounds weird, I know, but me and my friend share a same weird chatting habit :D

    Monday, February 2, 2015 6:57 AM


  • Hi Kentashi,

    For your first question, yes, it is not possible because system manage the gesture on the main screen.

    Let's image if you can set a specially gesture to open your app, the other developers might also do so, and how could user remember how to use different gesture to active different app?

    For your second question, it is possible but sounds like difficult to do.

    You may need to combine with GPS related functions to identify how many people nearby, also need to know how to push notification to your user.


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    Tuesday, February 3, 2015 5:28 AM